• Why EXPRNCE?

    All over the internet various holidays and day trips are offered by companies from all over the world, but let’s be honest, aren’t they all the same? Are they truly unique? And how do you know for sure which one is the cheapest? To us they all look alike, so we decided EXPRNCE has to offer completely different adventures. We focus on unique exprnces, 100% bucket list material that’s definitely on your list. Every day we have several offers that are as original as they are cheap, and if we don’t offer you what you want today, we make sure we do tomorrow!

  • How does EXPRNCE work?

    Every day EXPRNCE has several top offers with a limited stock , these offers change every day or two days. Book quickly before it's too late and the offer is not available anymore! Sometimes an EXPRNCE is sold out, and it’s no longer possible to order. You might get lucky and a similar offer will appear on the website, so keep an eye on it, or subscribe to the monthly newsletter !

  • How do I subscribe up for the newsletter?

    You can find the application form at the bottom of the website using the newsletter , enter your e -mail address , and click 'subscribe ' . You are now subscribed to our monthly newsletter.

  • How do unsubscribe for the newsletter?

    At the bottom of the newsletter is an unsubscribe link, just click and you're immediately unsubscribed.

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