• Which payment methods does EXPRNCE offer?

    EXPRNCE offers various payment methods as iDeal, Credit card, PayPal en Afterpay.

    • iDeal: iDeal is a program that gives you the option to use the payment system off the bank of your choice.
    • Credit card: Do you want to pay by Credit card, click on the Credit card icon and fill out the necessary data.
    • PayPal: With a PayPal-account a payment is easily done without having to fill in your personal payment data.
    • Afterpay: With Afterpay you pay afterwards by digital giro. Afterpay does have a €1,- fee and is not available on smartphone and tablets. Afterpay has a payment limit off €350,-, for more information check

  • Are there costs associated with the payment methods?

    As earlier noted Afterpay has a €1, - fee, the rest has no additional costs.

  • Is it safe to pay at

    Exprnce always works with a secure connection, especially if it concerns payments.  We do this in corporation with our payment-service-provider Ayden. Exprnce does not keep any records of personal payment data of our customers, these are trusted to Ayden.

  • Why is my purchase price different than the price indicated on the website?

    Because the prices may vary by date, depending on the hotel, the number of people and the season.

Payment Options: Paypal, iDeal, Creditcard