• Why should I fill in additional information?

    Some of our providers require extra travel data, for example data from your fellow travellers. If you booked flight tickets, it is important that you use all the details from your valid travel document. Changes in these factors lead to complications and extra costs, these are calculated by the airline and vary from 30 to 90 euros per change. Always check before you confirm the final booking!

  • How do I know that the trip is booked?

    Immediately after booking you will receive a confirmation on the email address listed by you. So make sure your e-mail address is correct!  If you did not receive the email in your normal inbox there is a possibility that it is in your SPAM box.

  • Can I book for a group?

    You can always contact us if you want to book for a group, send your request to and we will help you. Include the number of people, the location and the date you want to leave in your email and we will get in touch with you about the possibilities.

  • Is it possible to make a booking by phone?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to make a booking by phone, EXPRNCE runs all bookings through the website. However, we are available by phone for questions and help.

Payment Options: Paypal, iDeal, Creditcard