EXPRNCE has partnerships with various suppliers of travel experiences all over the world. Are you a supplier who offers unique travels or events, and are you looking for more future customers? Contact us! Become a part of our worldwide network and see what we can do for you!

It’s also possible to become an affiliate partner of EXPRNCE, as an affiliate partner you earn a percentage for every booking on your website!


What Involves the EXPRNCE Affiliate Program?
As an affiliate of EXPRNCE you can easily sell any item we offer via your own website. In this way, you will be able to add the very content that is relevant to your website and provide your visitors with an extra service. Furthermore, you can earn a nice amount of money on the side!

EXPRNCE provides you with easy solutions: whether its sales, processing, shipping or invoicing orders, we will account for everything! Of course, our customer service will manage questions from our clients.

This is the way it works: decide which content you want to use, subsequently add links to unto your website and your online shop is open for business! We record the sales which have been generated via the links on your website and consequently transfer a commission to your bank account. Up-to-date reports will constantly give you a clear insight into your sales. Participation is free and will yield you money!


Like to Become an Affiliate?

Register at so you can join our network.


Subsequently register for the EXPRNCE Marketing Program

When you have become an approved participant, the next step is to select banners and/or text links which are suited for your website

Put these banners and/or text links on your site

The visitors and orders which your website has generated are listed by Zanox. On base of this, monthly payment will take place

Every month, the amount of orders and the amount of visitors your website has been generating will be recorded.  On ground of this information, we will decide in which segment you will be put for the following month.


Affiliate reference by

" has worked with EXPRNCE for a while now. This unique webshop distinguishes itself from other webshops because they have special offers compared to their competitors. This is also the reason why they are very popular among their customers. The conversion precentage is high which makes it interesting for Solden to promote EXPRNCE. Therefore to have EXPRNCE as an affiliate partner is definitely recommended."


 Affiliate reference by Tom van Ooijen - Account Manager at

"The partner programme from EXPRNCE is very professional and adds value to your website.  When starting this partnership sales started increasing immediately and it is still going. Thanks to the direct communication with the account managers we were well able to adapt to the latest travel experiences for our visitors. Because their trips are so different from others  we can offer our visitors something they never had before and we provide additional traffic and sales for EXPRNCE."


Where Can You Sign Up?

When you are not a participant of Zanox yet, sign up on their website.


Are you already a participant of Zanox?
In that case you can sign up immediately for the EXPRNCE Marketing Program when logged on to the Zanox website.

Interested? Contact us: 

Payment Options: Paypal, iDeal, Creditcard